So it looks like I’m not the only one out trying to make a difference.  In the last two weeks I have hooked up with a number of different groups:

  • Indivisible Chester County
  • Indivisible Berks County
  • Chester County Democratic Party
  • Tuesdays with Toomey
  • IndivisiblePHL
  • OFA
  • Costello Constituent Action Group
  • And of course, my own little creation, CoffeewithCostello

I swore to never join Twitter – well I have 44 followers now after 12 days.  Bottom line – people are organizing to make sure our voices are heard.  The groups above have well over 1,000 people that are working actively in our political process in some way, shape or form.  We will not sit idle while an administration leads our country into chaos.  If you’re reading this, chances are, you are already part of one of these groups that is organizing.  If not – please join us.  Keep up the good work – we have a ways to go but I have never seen such enthusiasm for our political system.  Proud to be organizing.


Pat Toomey and Ryan Costello: You are my voice to the president

Senator & Congressman – Since I can’t have a conversation with you over the phone and you won’t hold any town halls I need to talk to you.  After the campaign I kept hearing so many voters saying how the president would not act out on his extremist views; they were nothing more than “rhetoric,” a means to an end.  With that being said the first week in office included getting busy with:

  • Eliminating health insurance for roughly 30 million of our most vulnerable U.S. citizens
  • Declaration of intent to build a wall along the U.S. Mexican border with some $20 BILLION U.S. tax dollars
  • Banning immigration from Iraq, Iran, Syria, Yemen, Sudan, Somalia and Libya
  • Not banning immigration from muslim-majority countries where his family has business interests.
  • Elevating his chief strategist to sit on the National Security counsel – chief strategist is from Breitbart News, and if you’ve never read the contents of Breitbart, consider yourself lucky.
  • Striping Sanctuary Cities from federal funding while also asking to deputize local law enforcement agents to use as a deportation force
  • Oh yeah and the cabinet picks like Tillerson (Russia), DeVos (how much RNC money of hers have you two taken?), Mnuchin (Foreclosures) Pruitt (Climate Change Denial) and the list goes on.

Senator Toomey & Congressman Costell0 – What the president is doing is not normal and not befitting the office of the presidency.  He is not only putting American lives at risk, he is threatening everything this country was founded upon.  You are my voice and you need to use it.  Through just over a week of this administration, I could not be more displeased with your representation of me and my family.  At the moment – I am telling you that I intend to do everything I can to prevent you from being my future representation.  Thank you and I hope you will work harder on behalf of my family and the many others out in PA and the US that are weary of the days ahead.

Oh yeah – forgot to mention, Senator Bob Casey represents me too and I’m glad to see he was out at the PHL airport, along with Tom Wolf and many, many others, to represent people like me the evening the immigration EO went through.  Thanks, Senator Casey!

Rally at Costello’s 1/28/2017

At 1pm on Saturday January 28,2017, roughly 100 Ryan Costello constituents gathered outside his office to protest in favor of SAVING the ACA.  A number of great speakers shared their stories.  The number of supporters honking in support far outweighed the few ignorant hecklers that shouted from their cars.  I managed to connect with a couple of other organizers and we plan to connect further to better organize the numerous groups that are trying to voice the opposition. img_1416  img_1417img_1420

Lunchtime @ Costello’s Office

After reading through the latest Executive Orders regarding immigration and the wall, I decided to take my third lunch in a week and drive down to the Congressman’s office in West Chester, PA.  I met with Kori Walter, the District Director.  He thought I looked familiar, and he was right as my previous visit was two days ago.  This time I delivered a letter with two quotes from the Congressman during the last election in the 6th District:

  • “the physical erection of a wall will not in and of itself prevent the migration of those across the southern border.”
  • “When we talk about immigration and who should come here, their nationality and their religion is of no consequence. We treat people equally, and we should be providing opportunity to all those who come her legally and go through the process.”

The president will need the help of Congress to get his orders funded.  It is nice to know that, based on these responses from Congressman Costello during election season, his vote will be “no”on these issues.  Thank you, Congressman Costello.  I’d enjoy meeting with you in person at a town hall in the near future.

The whole article can be found


Scott Pruitt Confirmation

I think its clear who Sen. Toomey will be voting for.  Take a look at the following links. right there on the homepage is an endorsement for Pruitt.  Senator Toomey was supported by this PAC  Its unfortunate that our politicians listen more to their campaign financiers as opposed to constituents like They are trying to make the constituency heard.  Guess we’ll know soon who Senator Toomey listens to more….